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[IP] EZ-Manager - Counter Point.

I used EZ-Manager for the 30 day trial period when it first became available
and decided not to continue using it.

There were 2 main issues that I found unacceptable:

1. There was no way to delete entries on the palm pilot. There may have been a
method to delete them on the PC but I was really only interested in a Palm
program to be used to record data when I did not have access to a computer.
This was a real problem when some event were mistakenly entered with the wrong
time/dates (AM vs. PM). My real concern with this missing capability was that
it appeared to be a deliberate omission (perhaps because Patients are not to
be trusted with the data concerning their treatment???)

2. $99 is way out of line for this type product. The capabilities of
EZ-Manager are not very different than a number of other programs (Diabetic
Pilot, GlucoLog, CalorieKingMobil, etc.) that sell for $0 - $30.

A less important reason for rejecting it was that I was very disappointed that
it was not more pump-friendly. I hoped for some real understanding of the
kinds of data that a pumper needs to handle but EZ-Manager does not handle
pumping any better than the other programs.

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