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[IP] Blood Donations

I had a most interesting experience this afternoon.  I have given many gallons of blood over the years.  During the early 90s the Red Cross would not take a diabetic's blood.  They reversed that decision, and I started giving again.
I have not given since going on the pump.  They were totally baffled as to whether or not I could give.  I tried to explain that it was the same insulin as with shots, but the delivery method was different.  They looked in their manuals and finally called someone on a cell phone.  I was approved, and the technician said she was glad she learned something new.  She was not worried about the medicine itself. What threw her off was the fact that my insulin dose might change day to day. She didn't understand at all to start with; she thought that I inhaled it. I showed her my site, and then she "got it". But anyway, she let me give.  I thought that someone here might have had experience with this.
I was amazed at the "uproar" that it caused.  
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