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Re: [IP] Re: Timing of bolus and 2-hr pp readings

On injections, I always gave Gabriel Humalog in the arm.  His b.g. would drop 
slightly and then rise slowly; the Humalog in the arm worked faster than his 
food digested.

When starting the pump, since the site his in his hip/butt area, the start of 
the Humalog is slower...Eli Lilly says that site could be as much as 87 
minutes slower than the arm or abdomen.  Gabe's post prandials began to rise 
to 160-200....so I began to bolus at least 15 minutes before the meal....and 
now postprandials at 1 hour are usually not more that 130.

Try a meal bolus five minutes before and see if your b.g. drops in five 
minutes.  Try it ten minutes before and measure every five minute and see 
when you get a change in b.g. that is safe and yet shows you that the Humalog 
has started working.

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