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[IP] Re: Bubbles

Sylvia writes:
> <<Dave, my son is using the Dis H-Tron+.  Quite frankly we have never had 
> problems with bubbles.  Someone once said that the reason you get a lot of 
> bubbles especially towards the end of the cartridge is because the 
> temperature change that occurs from the insulin being so close to your 
> body, 
> depending on where you wear your pump.  So really, if this is the reason, 
> short of always dangling the pump away from any heat source, there is no 
> way 
> to avoid those dang bubbles you mentioned!>>
I agree totally with what Sylvia says.  My Claire uses the glass cartridges 
in the H-tron pump.  Initially we never had any bubbles.  Then she took to 
carrying her pump stuck inside her undies, so it didn't flop around or get in 
her way.  The pump get very warm, and the bubbles always come now.  They are 
not a problem with her and don't get into the tubing as she just tucks the 
pump upside down.    
     Because of a concern about the body heat on the insulin, I now change 
the cartridge once a week, rather than leaving it 9-10 days as previously. 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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