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[IP] Anyone changed to animas from minimed?

I have just received a new animas pump, after using a Minimed 507c for 3 1/2 
years.  (Yes, insurance did approve it).  The reason for a new pump at this 
time was that my basal profiles change so frequently with perimenopause, and 
having multi-profiles set up that could be changed easily was deemed a 
significant improvement.  (I have twice made mistakes in changing the basals, 
both caught within a day, but functioning well at precise tasks when my blood 
sugars have just gone way up or way down has never been my forte.)  The 
reason for the animas was the 0.05 unit basal rate increment -- my low 
profile is now using 0.3 much of the time, and 0.1 is a big percentage change 
to that.

Has anyone else made this change?  I find I'm having a lot of problems with 
it.  Of course, I from very early on considered my mm as part of me -- when 
people talked about naming their pumps, it seemed to me like naming my arm or 
my leg <gr.>.  Obviously, its name was Linda, if anything.  So a lot of this 
is probably just not liking change.  But I find I always need the backlight 
to see the screen on the animas, and don't see it too well then.  I find the 
every-3-minute noises it makes to be at least as loud and much more frequent 
than the mm click that everyone has always complained about -- is that true 
for everyone's pump, or could mine just be noisier?  Everything I do involves 
more steps, sometimes a lot more -- I'm sure I will get used to them, but 
between the lack of familiarity and the poor vision, it is stressful now.

I have had very good experience with the animas employees I have dealt with, 
as I had always had with mm employees, and the man (Patrick) who had arranged 
the insurance and shipping responded within a few minutes to my e-mail this 
morning about whether I had the most easily seen version of the pump (I do).

Linda Z  
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