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Re: [IP] Long term traveling with pumps

> At the same time, though, most of the things I have seem to last
> forever.  My One Touch 2 has lasted more than eleven years, and it's
> still working beautifully.  Are most pump problems due to the user or
> due to the actual pump malfunctioning?  (Please be honest!)

I've read many stories of people having problems with their pumps, I for
one, am not one of them. I currently have a Minimed 507C and this thing
can take one heck of a beating. I'm quite active, this things takes abuse
and keeps up just fine. It's been dropped, kicked, stepped on, ripped out
of me, fallen on, drenched in the rain, and just about anything else you
can imagine :)

This may not be typical for the majority of the people here, but my pump,
scratched up and all, is still working just as good as the first day I got

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