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RE: [IP] Long term traveling with pumps

Ok, I can answer a few of you questions:

1) If you are going on vacation overseas you can request a backup pump from
MM.  You just send it back to them when you get back.  If you call them and
tell them your situation I am sure you could arrange something.  That's what
I did when I want to Ireland for 8 weeks last fall.

2) I haven't had many pump problems over my 2.5 years of pumping with my
MM508.  I only had one problem with my pump that was the pump and that was
last week.  :)  For the most part its been my stupidity and since I'm
brilliant that is like never.  :)

3) As for supplies, again maybe you could contact the insurance company
and/or your supplier and come up with an arrangement.  Maybe they could mail
it directly to you in Madrid?  Maybe you could get a years worth upfront to
mail at one time?   I know many prescriptions you can get in advance if you
are going to be away when you need to renew them.

Good luck, sounds like fun!
-- Sherry
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