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[IP] Long term traveling with pumps

Morning, everyone...

Sorry for the length and the lack of logical flow... it's really early and I 
haven't had enough caffeine yet...

In September I will be going overseas to Madrid for 12 months to study abroad.  
This is one of the main reasons I wanted to go on the pump so much.  Since I 
don't really know anyone who has a pump, I'm indecisive and don't really know 
which pump features I want, and my hospital/doctor is so political and can't 
suggest one over the others, my method until now has been to pick the one that 
looked the prettiest.  :)  (i.e., MM 508)

Well, I'm beginning to have second thoughts.  What if my pump breaks while I'm 
in Europe?  FedEx doesn't exactly work overnight from Europe...  I know there 
are regional offices in each of the countries, but has anyone had any 
experiences with them?  Do they have pumps on hand or would I have to get a 
replacement one from the US?

I'm thinking that maybe the H-tron would be better while I'm in Europe, since 
there's a back up one.  That way I'd have a little cushion in case something 
went wrong.

At the same time, though, most of the things I have seem to last forever.  My 
One Touch 2 has lasted more than eleven years, and it's still working 
beautifully.  Are most pump problems due to the user or due to the actual pump 
malfunctioning?  (Please be honest!)

Can you share any experiences you've had of extended travel to another country 
and how it has worked out?

Also, is it possible to get prescriptions filled in Europe with an American 
insurance company and still only pay the co-pay?  Last time I went to Europe 
for a year, my family had to send me a six month supply and pay about $300 
worth of insurance on it.  We're trying to avoid that this time.

Thanks for all your advice, guys!

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