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[IP] Re: support of spouses

Kathy Bullock <email @ redacted> wrote:

"This is one reason I am trying to get my husband to learn everything he can
about my pump...in case I am ever unconscious and in a situation where no
one but me knows what to do about my pump.  He is reluctant to learn...I
hope I not sorry I don't push it!"

Hi Kathy,
>From the perspective of the spouse to a pumper, I felt it necessary for me
to learn as much as I could about pumping, just in case....In some respects,
I probably have more knowledge about it than Hubby, but he's the one to
benefit.  I would hope that your husband would want to know at least the
basics in case of an emergency.
When Hubby was in the hospital last year, think there was no question about
the pump staying on for two reasons: he wanted it, and I could be reached
24x7 for any question/concern (yeah, had to do battle one time with covering
MD and involve Hubby's endo to do basal adjustment, but that's another
story) so staff saw me as an ally who could answer any concerns.  I had
provided info on need for pump to remain on as otherwise, would be like
removing a non-diabetics pancreas, how to handle any low, and how to suspend
pump for no more than an hour after so confirming with me that such was an
absolute necessity (never needed).
Hubby did his own BS testing though staff did want to use their glucose
monitor before meals and HS-was cute as Hubby would get blood flowing, he
and the tech would get blood on the strips in the two meters, then compare
(always within 10 points of one another).  Staff were in awe of the pump,
and given the one problem (the "another story"), letter was written to hosp
director strongly suggesting staff have an inservice about pumping because
insulin pumps are not going away, will be popping up more, and a good
facility keeps staff up-to-date on latest technology for treating
Just my 2 cents.
Marj of Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list);
and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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