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[IP] <vent>just how often do i have to do this?</vent>

ok, i'm not about to start a pro/anti depo disscussion, but fyi, i have been on depo for 7 years- i've been diabetic for a year and a half. i have no cycle and i like it like that- 
no monthly insulin swings due to menstration. no, i've talked to 6 docs already, depo has nothing to do with my insulin swings. there's no 28 day pattern- except for extra 
stress at work. if i was a male writing this no one would have suggested "that time of the month". there's hormones, and then there's hormones that affect blood 
sugars...diabetes does not contraindicate depo.if you look at their product insert http://www.depoprovera.com/pdf/depproci.rev2001.pdf they will ask you if you're diabetic. 
they'll also ask you if you ever take over the counter drugs or if you're ever depressed..... i was just venting about always having to adjust during stress-never knowing how 
much to adjust, is what i should say. the "nature of the beast" yes, but sometimes you just gotta scream...;) i just wanted support from fellow pumpers- i have no one i can 
ask questions to, you guys are it.  

thanks .... 
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