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Re: [IP] Carrots and carbs

> I am fairly new at pumping and was told not to count snacks or veggies
when I
> am figuring boluses.  HOwever, I have started bolusing for snacks.
> Today I was 250 2 hours after lunch.  I had my usual sandwich and bag of
> chips.
> I had 10 mini carrots and 1 T. dressing (3 CHO for the dressing).  Do you
> know if the mini carrotts would raise my BS so much.
> Also do you know how many carbs are in 10 mini carrots.  THe bag just
> mentions oz and I don't have a scale.

Raw carrots (CalorieKing Mobil Database) contain 2.6 g total carbohydrate
per oz.

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