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Re: [IP] hospitalization

In a message dated 3/13/02 5:14:09 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Be ready to assert your knowledge of your diabetes from the get go. If the

staff are rigid or down right dangerous, ask for another doctor, nurse or

dietician...that is part of your patient bill of rights. Assert your rights


participate in your care. Go with all your glucometers, spare parts for

everything...they will not have spare tubing for your pump there. Insist on

using your equipment..if you are sure it is working. There is not one item

written anywhere that says you must use the hospitals glucomemter. You can

give you own insulin shots if you are mentally alert enough to do it. >>

Where I live, the hospital has a very good diabetes center and every one 
there seem's to know what they are doing( I think most all this town is 
diabetic )
Most all the nurses I talk to are on the pump or have a family member on one.
As for spare tubing and set's I have bought a few sils from them when I 
needed some
they told me that they stock up from minimed because all of the diabetic's 
that come to them(in DKA )
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