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Re: [IP] Humalog vs Novolog

> This brings two things to mind:
> 1) If they are basically the same thing then there
> should be no harm in mixing them. (Yet virtually
> everyone here seems opposed to the idea.)

I think this is rather similar to aspirin and acetaminophen (sp?). They are
chemically different but both are used as pain relievers in similar cases.
For some people and situations asiprin works better and for other
acetaminophen is better. But it is very rare for the combination of the two
to have advantages over both of them individually. I have not heard anyone
cite specific harm in mixing Humalog and Novalog. But the main issue is that
I don't think anyone expects there to be any particular advantage in doing
so. Therefore in my mind, the general reccomendation of not mixing drugs
unless there is a good reason applies.

> 2) If they are basically the same thing then why do
> some people do so much better on one of them than the
> other? (Their chemical makeup [aspart added vs lis and
> pro molecules swapped] and the way in which they are
> made [yeast-derived vs e.coli-derived] is certainly not
> identical. Only their onset of action/duration, etc is
> similar.)

Humalog and Novalog are indeed VERY similar. They are both complex proteins
based upon human insulin with a minor structural change remote from the
active site. The result is that their primary chemical/biological function
is VERY similar. The differences in functionality that we tend to hear about
here on the list are primarily from the minority of users that have problems
with one or the other of the insulins. For these users the differences in
the two products are very important and meaningful. But for most of us these
differences are rather subtle and unimportant.

The way the insuling analogs are produced is really of minor importance. We
do not expect gasolines to be different because one refiner uses one
catalyst system and another uses a different one. Similarly we should not
expect a major difference  in insulin based upon this difference in
production methods.

> Not trying to start a war, just trying to understand.

Ditto. Me either.

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