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Re: [IP] Cold fingers/Raynaud's disease

Maurice Raynaud, French physician, 1834-1881) intermittent bilateral attacks of ischemia of the fingers or toes and sometimes of the ears or nose, marked by severe pallor, and often accompanied by paraesthesia and pain; it is brought on characteristically by cold or emotional stimuli and relieved by heat, and is due to an underlying disease or anatomical abnormality. When the condition is idiopathic or primary it is termed Raynaud's disease

Gabe has this in his pinky and sometimes index finger...one doctor told us that it is "autoimmune" and as such, is like diabetes but is not related in any other way.

For Gabe in manifests as a very, very cold pinky and index finger that don't easily warm up, even with gloves and even in warm weather.

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