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[IP] hospitalization

Be ready to assert your knowledge of your diabetes from the get go. If the
staff are rigid or down right dangerous, ask for another doctor, nurse or
dietician...that is part of your patient bill of rights. Assert your rights
participate in your care. Go with all your glucometers, spare parts for
everything...they will not have spare tubing for your pump there. Insist on
using your equipment..if you are sure it is working. There is not one item
written anywhere that says you must use the hospitals glucomemter. You can
give you own insulin shots if you are mentally alert enough to do it.

We have run into Dr. and nurse Rigid before and let them know that our day
day knowledge of Sara's care was far beyond theirs, politely of course.
Usually when they see you are competent and compliant the power struggle
cease and you can work together. The dieticains seem to all be geared for
II's with late life onset. Not great for pre-teen Type I's. But, this is the
vast majority of patients they see. Also, they are trying to teach older
"dogs new tricks." I can imagine this would be much more difficult than
younger Type I's healtier eating styles.
Just try to keep in mind the bottom line they are used to dealing with every
day. Every Diabetic is different and you are the only one who can impress
them your differences. As always, if you get a complete jerk you and your
family can demand someone else.
Plus, do not ever take boluses or not take a bolus without telling the
Insulin can be added to IV's to titrate out in a prescribed amount. It could
easily happen that you received insulin you were not aware of. Be a team,
your health and safety.
Pam, mom to Sara age 15
- ----------------------------------------------------------
good Pam, very true, if you are in your endo's hospital" make sure the
endo's name is on the admission sheet. Make sure there is an order to call
him for any worts on the therapy road. Lots of docs think that because they
are internests they can manage diabetes and many can but not all. Impress
your primary that al,though he/she is the captain of the ship, you want
consults with the best  consultanys, not just guys or gals they enjoy woring
with. often good consultants are stubborn, compulsive and bossy and not
always favorites of family or other primary care docs. Don't know ny
consultants in a hospital ask one of the floor nurses who he or she would
use in a situation. department chief is not always the most accomplished. I
was chief in a county hospital for years. they had no one else stupid enough
to take the job. Many high title /profile doctors are glib bulltwinky
artists. Another qualification is if the doc has a teaching position in a
medical school. Board Certifications are often an accomplishment of
memorizing stuff and fine tuned posterior kissing  not knowledge.
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