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[IP] basal adjustments

<Jenn wrote:

Hi Leann,

<snip>I have made a few basal adjustments (bumped them up) right before my
low.  While I was in the hospial, my endo suggested I change them back to
hat they were originally, and now they don't work AND IT WAS ONLY A TENTH OF
A UNIT!!!!!  What is up with that?  .9 is too much and .8 isn't enough.

Honestly, I can't deal with this anymore.  I wanna go back to shots.

email @ redacted

By chance if your warranty on your pump is about up and your insurance will
pay for a new pump - the Animas pump will do hundredths of a unit so you would
be able to get a basal of .85.  I was always running either "high" or "low"
with the "tenth" adjustment before I got this function.  The small difference
does not seem to matter at all for some people but for others it will make a
huge difference. For me, getting the chance for the hundredths made my basals
come out right.  YMMV
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