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Re: [IP] Re:Insulin Adjustment Questions

Wow!  You go mister!  Sounds like you are really on the ball and taking 
charge!  My only insight regarding exercise and my pump is...several hours 
after exercising, the exercise tends to "peak" ...my bloodsugar goes low 
long after I have finished exercising.  I have had to make adjustments to 
my basil rate during the night on day/evenings when I exercise.  I used to 
exercise quite often...less now that I have a new baby...but I remember how 
frustrating it was to get my pump set to where I wasn't having an insulin 
reaction every day!!  I am just starting to exercise again on a regular 
basis and I will be going through that again.  I know my pump allows for 
temporary basil rates which work well for me.  Goodluck with your 
program!!  Kathy

At 02:33 PM 3/13/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello fellow pumpers.
>I am a relatively newcomer to insulin pump therapy - 5 months on the pump -
>27 years Type I.
>I started a weight reduction program (designed by myself ) in January. The
>program is relatively simple: exercise like crazy & eat less carbs.
>To me, it is easier to loose weight on the pump with Humalog than with NPH
>/ regular insulin injections.
>So far I have lost 10 pounds and need to loose an additional 15 pounds. I
>want to lose the 15 pounds by the end of this year.
>My Dr. is very supportive and allows me to modify my lifestyle and make
>insulin adjustments as I think they are necessary. My wife is very
>supportive regarding my exercise program - 2X per day for approximately 2
>hrs. per day - six days per week.
>The advise that I am seeking is relatively simple - how often is it
>necessary to adjust basal rates during a weight loss program? I have
>already made an adjustment from the initial basal rate that the instructor
>set me up with. I started at 1.1 units / hr. I am now on 3 basal rate
>programs, the most being a .8 per hr. segment. I exercise at the same times
>every day so I have my basal rates decrease 2 hrs. before exercise so that
>my BG will be at least 125 - 130. This keeps me from having to eat
>additional carbs before exercising - I am trying to loose weight! I suppose
>that if I continue to have low BGs that I need to consider lowering my
>basal rate(s) again. Yesterday it seemed difficult for me to keep my BG
>above 80.
>Also, does a loss in weight have an affect on the insulin sensitivity in
>Type I diabetics? I recently have had to also reduce my insulin / carb
>ratio for meals. I began with an insulin to carb ratio of 1: 15. It is now
>1:18. Is this typical? This adjustment keeps me from going too low 2 hrs.
>after eating.
>Any ideas / suggestions?
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