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[IP] Re:Insulin Adjustment Questions

Hello fellow pumpers.

I am a relatively newcomer to insulin pump therapy - 5 months on the pump -
27 years Type I.
I started a weight reduction program (designed by myself ) in January. The
program is relatively simple: exercise like crazy & eat less carbs.
To me, it is easier to loose weight on the pump with Humalog than with NPH
/ regular insulin injections.
So far I have lost 10 pounds and need to loose an additional 15 pounds. I
want to lose the 15 pounds by the end of this year.
My Dr. is very supportive and allows me to modify my lifestyle and make
insulin adjustments as I think they are necessary. My wife is very
supportive regarding my exercise program - 2X per day for approximately 2
hrs. per day - six days per week.

The advise that I am seeking is relatively simple - how often is it
necessary to adjust basal rates during a weight loss program? I have
already made an adjustment from the initial basal rate that the instructor
set me up with. I started at 1.1 units / hr. I am now on 3 basal rate
programs, the most being a .8 per hr. segment. I exercise at the same times
every day so I have my basal rates decrease 2 hrs. before exercise so that
my BG will be at least 125 - 130. This keeps me from having to eat
additional carbs before exercising - I am trying to loose weight! I suppose
that if I continue to have low BGs that I need to consider lowering my
basal rate(s) again. Yesterday it seemed difficult for me to keep my BG
above 80.

Also, does a loss in weight have an affect on the insulin sensitivity in
Type I diabetics? I recently have had to also reduce my insulin / carb
ratio for meals. I began with an insulin to carb ratio of 1: 15. It is now
1:18. Is this typical? This adjustment keeps me from going too low 2 hrs.
after eating.

Any ideas / suggestions?
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