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Re: [IP] Dawn Effect Worsening

>Is a morning bolus appropriate with a later correction for the days it 
>would have gone on the higher side? What would YOU do?


I take a "get out of bed in the morning bolus".  For me, I take one unit if 
I'm very close to or at my goal of 100.  I increase or decrease .5 u for 
each 25 points above or below my goal.  This has worked great for me since 
I'm not locked into getting up at the same time each morning.  My bg seems 
to rise when I get up regardless of the time, so changing the basal doesn't 
seem to work for me since, if I sleep in, I can end up low by having the 
higher basal running.  I also check between 9:00 and 10:00 am and correct 
if necessary, but usually I'm right on the money then.  YMMV.

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