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[IPn] Disetronic will donate $20.00 for each of you that.....

Recently one of our members sent out a message he received 
from Disetronic about their offer to donate $20 to one of several
organizations in return for a referral. Turns out the URL in the
message  was not working. I just received this message and a WORKING
link from our friends at D so if you have a friend that you'd like to
refer to D and at the same time have $20 bucks sent to Insulin
Pumpers, CWD or Pumps for Kids, then READ ON.

email @ redacted
> Help us help you help everyone living with Type 1 Diabetes... 
> Here at Disetronic, we are not satisfied with simply providing
> top-quality insulin pumps that greatly enhance the lives of those
> living with diabetes. We want to do more! This month, our goal is to
> give $15,000 for diabetes research. To do this, we need your help.
> (But don't worry, it won't cost you a thing.) Just 
> share the benefits of pump therapy with a friend.

> At Disetronic, we're more than just about insulin pumps. We are
> committed to improving the lives of those living with diabetes. One
> of the ways we do this is through the ongoing support of leading
> diabetes research and non-profit organizations that assist people
> living with diabetes. By simply referring a friend or loved one to
> us for more information on pump therapy, you're not only giving them
> the gift of the pump and all the benefits that go hand-in-hand with
> pump therapy, we'll make a $20.00 donation in your name to one of
> the following organizations of your choice: 
> *	Pumps for Kids -   www.pumpsforkids.org - A non-profit
> organization that awards insulin pumps, supplies, and blood glucose
> monitors to children with diabetes who could benefit from insulin
> pump therapy but whose families cannot afford it. 
> *	Insulin Pumpers and the Insulin Pumpers Foundation
>                    www.insulin-pumpers.org - 
> Insulin Pumpers provides information and support for adults and children
> with diabetes and their families interested in insulin pump therapy.
> *	Children with Diabetes Foundation - 
> The mission of the Children with
> Diabetes Foundation is to assist people living with diabetes and
> support the work of scientists and physicians throughout the world
> searching for a cure.

> If you would like to refer a friend to Disetronic and have 
> us make a $20.00 contribution to one of these organizations 
> on your behalf, click on this URL:

> http://www.disetronicusa.com/referral/

> But hurry, we want to be able to make
> these gifts to the organizations by March 22, 2002.
> Thank you for your support.
> *Combined donations not to exceed $15,000.
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org