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[IP] occlusion alarms

There has been a continuing thread on the level of occlusion alarms.  I don't
know about an "exact level" for an alarm but I have an animas pump.  When I
had the original software with the minimum basal of .10 I would run a
temporary basal of -50% each evening from 7 pm to 10 pm.  About once or twice
a week I would get an occlusion alarm because the pump "thought" the insulin
was flowing too slowly.  The site would be fine - I would just hit Prime to
make sure the insulin was flowing and then reconnect - never any problems with
readings.  When I got the new software you can now set the animas pump for an
hourly basal of .05.  With this change I have not had any more of these
occlusion alarms as the pump is now really set to run the .05 basal.  However
I have had a few occlusion alarms when my site was kinked and the insulin was
not getting through (I exercise a lot and tended to have a lot of sets kink
with comforts - since changing to the ultra-flex I don't have this problem
anymore).  When I did have these occ. alarms with the animas and the site was
bad I never had much rise in readings - the occlusion alarm always went off as
soon as the pump sensed the insulin was not flowing.  I am not aware that
there is any "amount" of insulin that needs to be missed to trigger the alarm
- it is just if the pump "senses" the insulin is not flowing correctly per the
settings.  I have set my pump to "off" for hiking, etc. and do not get occ.
alarms during this time even with the insulin not flowing then as then the
pump realizes it is set to "off" and insulin should not be flowing.  On the
animas there are two sensitivity settings for occlusion alarms - a high
setting and a low setting - so you can choose how sensitve you want it to be
in alarming you for occlusions.
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