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[IP] Dawn Effect Worsening

I had correct basals for about six months, and then started waking up high
also.  I started checking during the night and I was not bottoming out at all
- just running gradually higher from 2 am on (when I started pumping my BS
didn't start to rise until 4 am).  It took me about six weeks of continuous
checking and changing basals by .05 units and time by 30 minutes each time but
I finally got them changed and then I was waking up fine again (between 90 and
140).  Now, after just two months of waking up with okay readings, the last
few days I am waking up at 160 again so I guess time to recheck again.  I did
check at midnight and 2 am last night and they were still okay at those times
so I must be getting an additional rise after 2 am.    So, in my opinion, the
answer is YES  -  dawn effect can continue to worsen.  (I am 44 years old, a
normal weight and exercise for at least an hour each day).  Too bad this
disease is not an "exact science"!
Keep testing and you will find what time your "rise" for Dawn Phen. begins and
go from there!
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