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[IP] Dawn Effect Worsening

This morning I got up (5:00AM) with a bg of 114.  I wasn't hungry, so I
didn't eat anything.  At 8:30 I decided to check my bg again, and it was
208.  I usually run high in the morning whether I eat or not, but it seems
to be getting worse lately.  Normal fasting elevation for me would be 150 to
160, but in past weeks it's been more like 200 to 300 (I skip breakfast a
lot).  With that kind of swing, I'm not comfortable just cranking up my
morning basal rate to cover it.  Is a morning bolus appropriate with a later
correction for the days it would have gone on the higher side?  What would
YOU do?  The rest of my day is very predictable and very controlled.  I
checked my bg at 2:00AM this morning and it was 124, so I don't *think* this
is a rebound issue.

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