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[IP] <vent>just how often do i have to do this?</vent>

hi all!
i am just so confused and need to vent. i swear i must be going thru
puberty again! just how often do all of you have to adjust your bolus
ratios?!!!? why am i doing this every month? i am 317 after breakfast,
have been in the 300s after breakfast for like a week and a half, so yeah,
i get that i need more insulin but i'm 28 years old! do any of you have to
change your ratios from 1:20 to 1:15 to 1:10 every month?? (fyi, i don't
get a monthly "visit"-i'm on depo, so that's not it either) are these
large discrepancies in ratios normal? i mean, everytime i get alot of
stress at work i'm going to have to go thru all this testing for the rest
of my life??
did basil tests, called docs, blah blah blah, i'm just wondering why i'm
always having to check and re check and change.... anyone else doing this?
and leeann (nice name!), i'm with you, i NEED a pump momma! my real mother
tried feeding me celery last time i was 50....:( any women (or men, could be
a pump daddy) out there who have a
unfulfilled mothering instinct who wants to volunteer? :) i've only been d
for a year and a half, so you could fill us with your words of wisdom....
thanks for listening to the vent....

leann (one e) marcucci
email @ redacted
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