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[IP] Re: Units per inch of tubing

In a message dated 3/13/02 12:26:19 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>What concerns me about all this is that my CDE told me .5u to fill the
>catheter, and what I have read here indicates I might need to up that a
>little bit.
There are directions with my Quicksets that indicate you should prime 
by pressing down the reservoir plunger until you see a drop of insulin at the 
end of the needle.  Next, Load the pump and program the pump to prime 5.0 u 
(page 5).

Then insert the cannula and prime 0.5u if you use the 9mm, and 0.3u for the 
6mm to fill the empty space in the cannula (page 13 of the instructions).  I 
don't remember if the other kinds of imfusion sets have instructions, but 
they probably do. 

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