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[IP] kids complication-free

>>>I really do object to blanket statements made by those 'doctors' that
should know better that "kids are protected from complications throughout
their youth".
Michael >>>

This puts a new wrinkle on my *kid* thoughts. When I was dx'ed at 11.5
(1950) Mom would tell lots of people I could eat whatever I wanted or they
wanted to offer cuz *it won't hurt her now, it will later.*  As a kid, I
heard it as Mom not caring that I'd be hurt later from what I was eating at
the time. I now see it as perhaps someone told her I wouldn't get
complications because I was a kid - the complications would come later
though not caused by the early years. I have no idea what she was instructed
and/or retained then.

But then, I was never given hope that I would live much past childhood,
either - which more or less confirmed my thoughts that she didn't care to
protect me. So what, I wouldn't live long enough to get any complications.
Ya just never know how a kid is going to interpret something. YMMV (~_^)

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