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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #176

Michael et al,

Thanks for your words of encouragement.  Talk about raging hormones.  Alex 
got her period for the first time today! (I'm sure she would not  appreciate 
me sharing that information.) She definitely sees it as an invasion of 
privacy to look through her pump and she what she has been bolusing.  We have 
had real battles about that.  It seems OK to look through the meter, though. 
I have to very careful about crossing the line with her. 

Those basal checks involving fasting are murder for her -- and not all 
doctors demand it.  (We originally got our pump at Yale and they don't 
believe in doing fasting basal checks.) We live outside of DC and all the MDs 
in this area have the kids do it. Makes you wonder if there isn't a better 

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