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Re: [IP] Leg pains.

> No, I doubt if it's neuropathy. Kids don't normally show that until
> into adulthood. Many doctors and lectures I've heard say that kids
> seem to have a 'protection' throughout their youth against
> complications.
Comments like those above by medical professionals really don't help 
at all. Complications occur with people of all ages. Both my daughter 
dx'd 7 years ago, and Renee's daughter dx'd ~5 years ago leak protein 
from their kidneys. One of Lily's counselers at diabetes camp was 
only 20 and already had undergone laser surgery to both eyes due to 
diabetic retinopathy. The view that kids are somehow magically 
protected is a "MYTH" that can only politely be described as "urban 

Granted these kids are in the minority, but it does happen. I suspect 
that Josh's leg pains are like my son's leg pains -- growing pains or 
whatever you want to call them, not neuropathy .... Lily's siblings 
have all complained of such things at one time or another. 
I really do object to blanket statements made by those 'doctors' that 
should know better that "kids are protected from complications 
throughout their youth".


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