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[IP] yet another drs appt!

Hi all,
 Yes I had another dr appt. Here is the run down, My
Hbacl was 5.4 YEAH the lowest since I was dignosed in
99.  Next my blood pressre was 134/88 so the dr put me
on a mild blood pressure med. He told me that it is
vital for diabetics to keep blood pressure as strict
as poosible. Little disappointing but guess we do what
we have to do. Next was my throyid is normal, but the
weight gain is ever so present. I had a shot for this
rash that is all over my body, it was a striod, has
anybody had one and do they affect bg? If so how? 
Just another quick vent, I am in college I got kicked
off my parents insurace so I am on my own, and the
only insurace that would take me was mediacare or in
TN its TennCare, so here I am. IT almost feels like I
am being punished for going to college and not having
a full time job with insurace. I have to get a refferl
to go see a denist, then another refferal to go to a
oral surgon to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Then I
have to drive 125 miles to go see an oral sugon
because there is not one in my network, when 30 miles
away there are about 5.  So I just needed to vent, I
had some good news with my ACL1 and I am trying to let
the frustrations out weigh that! But I know all you
guys know what I am going through. Thanks for the much
needed support and advice! THANKS!!


- Just remember ....
   "It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
             foot prints you left behind!"

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