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[IP] Re: Units per inch of tubing

With the MM, I put an extra 40u in the reservoir (200u total) and then when
I attach the tubing to the reservoir.  I then squirt the 40u out (which is a
little more than I need to fill the 43" tubing), but I have my pump set to
only hold 160u and that's all it will take.  I then put the reservoir into
the pump, close the door, and prime 3u to set the pump servos and reservoir
together.  That is what a prime is to MM, just setting the pump and servos
up for that reservoir.  Anytime you take the reservoir out (or lift the
'paddles' that work with the screw and servos) you have to re-prime.
Because I have the reservoir filled to the max (for me) I can get the pump
primed with only 3u.  Before I put the 'thingy' in, I had to use 5u.  THEN,
once the set is inserted and I pull the needle out, I have to prime another
.5u to fill the catheter (9mm).  

What concerns me about all this is that my CDE told me .5u to fill the
catheter, and what I have read here indicates I might need to up that a
little bit.

I liked the tip the other day about putting air in the reservoir and then
letting the air push the tubing insulin out (for emergencies only).  I like
that and have been doing that since I read it.  Not to distrust you guys,
but I would mark on my tubing every time I bolus (before and after).  I
wanted to know where that air bubble was, exactly.  It seems I got about
2.5u  for about 3.5 inches, which works out to .7u per inch.  This makes
sense because it takes a little over 30u to fill the tubing.

BTW, I use the soft-set mainly, and sometimes the quick-set, during the
summer the bent needle.  Is there a difference between tubing circumference
between the different sets and manufacturers?

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