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Re: [IP] Need support

> My 14 year old daughter has been on the pump (507C) for almost 3
> years and has done very well, in general. Yesterday, we found out
> that latest HbA1c was way up -- 8.4.  It's usually 7.1 or below.
> It's just so frustrating sometimes -- The doctor wants her to change
> her rotate her sites more (she tend to only to use her stomach),
> check 2 hours after every meal, and do 12 AM and 3 AM checks. This
> means nine checks a day.  We'll do it but this is extremely hard on
> a teenager, especially all this testing in school. Any thoughts? 
> Cindy (mom to Alex, dx 10/92, pumping since 5/99)        

Hi Cindy,

Lily's A1c's went up at about 16 or so and are just now starting to 
come back down. I think there are many factors involved, both 
physical and psycological. To start with, teens think they are 
bulletproof and nothing will ever happen to them. They are busy, 
absorbing knowledge and the world around them at a prodigious rate. 
After working with my daughter for some time at getting better 
control, it became apparent that she was doing the right things most 
of the time but that sometimes she would run high because to do 
otherwise would result in repeated lows at inconvenient times (like 
at night). Since I had given her the primary responsibility for her 
control I felt it better for her to be well adjusted than to have me 
breathing down her neck all the time and think that she "couldn't get 
it right". 

Someone posted a while ago that there are only high and low bg's and 
A1c's, not good and bad ones.

 my 2 cents worth.
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