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Re: [IP] Occlusion Alarms

> Animas is supposed to have the lowest occulsion alarm.  But when I
> wrote to them the "official" reply is that they could not give me
> an occulsion threshold in units of insulin because they did not
> measure in those terms.
> The Paradigm manual comes right out and says "up to 3.0 units of
> "missed" insuln are required to trigger the occlusion alarm."  The
> Minimed 508 is 7.2 units according to Minimeds Clinical Support
> staff.
> If Animas had actually come out and told me that they had a "1" unit 
> occulsion alarm, I would definitely have picked the Animas, but they 
> themselves said it wasn't so.
   Well, they must have been listening, because the manual for the 
Animas pump I received last week listed a 1.0 unit occlusion alarm
limit.  Never worn a pump, so I can't comment on the accuracy of that

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