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Re: [IP] Need support

> My 14 year old daughter has been on the pump (507C) for almost 3 years and
> has done very well, in general. Yesterday, we found out that latest HbA1c
> way up -- 8.4.  It's usually 7.1 or below. It's just so frustrating
> -- The doctor wants her to change her rotate her sites more (she tend to
> to use her stomach), check 2 hours after every meal, and do 12 AM and 3 AM
> checks. This means nine checks a day.  We'll do it but this is extremely
> on a teenager, especially all this testing in school. Any thoughts?
> Cindy (mom to Alex, dx 10/92, pumping since 5/99)

You might want to check her meter and pump's memory to make sure that the
checks and treatments you think are happening really are.

Pat - Who has fallen "off the wagon" a number of times.
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