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RE: [IP] Venting

Oh Jenn,
Sorry that you seem to be down about the disease.  Unfortunately there isn't
a darn thing we can do other than take as good care of ourselves as we
possibly can, try to keep under good control and pray for the best.

Don't let yourself get down because of neuropathy or any of the other
complications.  You learn to adapt with these conditions and learn to live
with them.  No, life is not any easier living with them, but you can learn
to live with them and work your way around them.

I have neuropathy from head to toe inside and outside of my body.  Hey, I've
had it since I was 15.  Was I going to lay down and die?  No, I just got up
and lived my life and there are times (like last night) that I was in such
severe pain that I only got around 2 hrs sleep.  These things happen.

I know it's not easy to have to learn how to deal with these things but ask
yourself.  Would you rather have neuropathy and deal with the pain or have
no limbs?  Would you rather be totally blind than partially blind?  Would
you rather be on a strict diet and take ace inhib. or be on dialysis?

You see, when you get yourself down like this, yes, do your pity party
thing, cry, scream, vent, whatever (and doing it to your hubby only makes
him feel worse cause there's nothing he can do about it....trust me from
experience)...better to vent to others that deal with this on a daily

BUT....pull yourself up and out of it quick after you have vented and put a
smile on your face and tell the world you're fine even if you don't feel
fine....look at the glass as half full.  Just think of diabetes as you would
satan...it's there all the time and you can either let it drag you down or
toss it off!

Here's a huge hug to you and hoping you're feeling better today :) :) :)

Kathy B.
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