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Re: [IP] Units per Inch of tubing

On 11 Mar 2002 at 21:13, jhughey wrote:

> email @ redacted writes:
> > I set Josh up with a new set and cartridge and tubing yesterday and made
> > note that it took 12.6 units to fill his 23" tubing with the MM QS.
> Can you explain this?  When we prime 5 units, insulin drips out the end of
> the tubing and we are using the same set and tubing as you are.
> I am confused why it took 12.6 to fill the 23" tubing.
> Help!!!

> It sounds to me like Sylvia ran a *test* and did not push the tubing full of
> insulin by hand first, but let it prime with the pump motor and battery to see
> the exact amount registered for the prime to fill the entire tubing. I highly
> doubt she nor Josh will prime it this way again. (~_^)

But you are not talking about an H-tron pump, which does use the motor to do the priming.  And the priming amount registers as far as the volume remaining in the pump, 
but not as a volume that is infused.  You do not have to "push the tubing full"  nor do you have to "take up the slack between the driver arm and the plunger"    It isn't 
automagic, but it isn't done by hand either.     ;>)

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