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Re: [IP] Occulsion Alarm

In a message dated 3/11/2002 12:40:08 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Where does that number (7.2 units) come from? It does not match my
> experience. I just checked my logs and for the 2 non-delivery alarms I have
> had with my MM 508 (since 12/2000) one occurred after delivery of 3.2 units
> of a bolus and the other after 3.4 units. Inherently I would expect the
> Paradigm to be more sensitive to this problem (small volume reservoir and
> newer technology) but as I said, the 7.2 unit number doesn't match my
> experience

I called Minimed and asked them about the 508 and they said that it takes 7.2 
units for the piston to fully rotate and that the occulsion can be up to 7.2 
units before it alarms.  The Paradigm manual states that it will alarm after 
3 units of missing insulin.  The reason I called Minimed is that we seemed to 
be missing a lot of insulin without an alarm; but eventually we figured out 
what was wrong and it wasn't occulsion.  We did get one occulsion alarm when 
we tried the sil set in the abdomen; that was after 7.4 units of insulin 
(meal and correction) had been occulded.  The set was bloody and apparently 
little or no insulin was getting in.  Now, of course, we use the quicksets.

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