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[IP] Hospital Stays

Hi friends:
In all of my experiences in being in hospitals, either for a one day thing
or for several days, I have ALWAYS taken my own meds to keep with me, my own
b.g. monitor, glucose tablets, tylenol and advil, stuff to eat in case my
b.g. drops, etc. etc. etc.

I gave up on them trying to figure out my dosages for insulin before pump
and I always asked what type of insulin they had in syringe and how much.

I never hesitate to deny or refuse treatment if I think it is bad for me and
this has happened several times and I refuse to do anything w/o my doctor
having personally written the orders.

My brother, everytime he was in hospital would just take whatever insulin
they would give him and of course, he would wind up dropping and then they
wouldn't believe him.  I told him to put his foot down and refuse to take
insulin dosages he knew were wrong and when he finally started doing that he
was much better off.

The key here is to be very open and vocal about your needs when in the
hospital if you are awake and can do this for yourself.  If not, you need to
have someone, a husband, boyfriend, sister, brother, parent, etc. be there
to know what the heck is supposed to be done.

It is so weird that they make you fill out tons of paperwork about your
medical history, what type of meds you are on, what you are allergic to and
then no one bothers to read this stuff....

I avoid going to the hospital at all costs unless it is absolutely necessary
and then I always try to opt for an outpatient thing so I don't have to stay

I'm so happy I'm now on the pump where I can do my own thing and don't have
to put up with all their nonsense.

Kathy B.
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