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[IP] Outrage/Dr's not trusting us to manage ourselves

The only time I've been hospitalized since being diagnosed was when my son was born 10 months ago. Luckily my new endo had no problem signing the order that I was to manage
my own insulin and testing and I did just fine. But somehow, there are always people in the hospital that think they know more about Diabetes than you do. The hospital
dietician insisted on sending me "Diabetic" meals. I kept getting nasty sugar-free milk shakes loaded with carbs.  Basically I just ate what I wanted out of the trays and
left other things. (This is the same dietician who saw me when I was trying to not gain too much weight with my pregnancy  and my old endo made me make an appointment. She
kept insisting I had gestational diabetes.  I wonder if the fact that I told her I'd been diabetic for 15 years made her second think that at all... She also was very
suprised that I knew what a carb was. I just love people who think you count your grapes. "Fifteen small grapes for a lovely mid-afternoon snack!")
Another time my doctor's nurse was giving out candy and said, "Wait, you can't have any, can you?"

I just love medical professionals.  I know that there may be people out there who are in denial, or who just don't do what they should to take care of themselves, but I don't
think that most of us need to be treated like not-very-bright children.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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