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RE: [IP] Venting

<today I am just having a pity party.>

You're entitled!  I had mine a couple of weeks ago.  Just telling people
that understand and empathize with your situation is therapeutic.  That's
one of the reason's we're here; sort of an online support group.  Works for
me, but YMMV.

<The complications are catching up with me I think. I have neuropathy, NLD,

I'll second that!  Sometimes I feel cheated, because I remember how excited
I was with the complications and control study findings.  I think in my mind
I substituted "free from complications" for "50% reduction" for most of the
results.  Now that neuropathy, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, and vision
problems have found their way into my life, I wonder if it was worth all the
diligence, all the lows, all the self-discipline...  Would things have
really been that much worse?  I am not qualified to answer that question.  I
am here now, though, playing the cards I've been dealt, not liking them very
much, but happy as heck to still be in the game!

Today is just a bad day.  It's okay to have them, live in them, feel them to
their fullest.  It makes the good days and the so-so days so much better in

Hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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