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[IP] Re: I'd like to be outraged for a minute

>However, diabetes is not always an area in which they find it
>important to educate themselves.  Most general practitioners in my
>area have never heard of carb counting.  Some of them have never seen
>a pump, much less worked with someone who wears one.  One doctor asked
>me to tell him all about it.  He had read about the pumps, but had >never 
>seen one.  He was amazed.

My recent experience was somewhat similar.  My mom told the doc that was 
taking care of me in the hospital that I used a pump, and she wasn't 100% 
sure of the dosages.  When the doctor and ICU nurses were certain that I was 
back to my usual (wacky) self, they had me put the pump back on and manage 
my own insulin.  The only thing they asked me about was how to disconnect it 
with having to rip the whole thing out, in case I went low again and didn't 
wake up.  Worked for me.  I was impressed that they ... (I don't know is 
"trust" the right word?) trusted my ability to manage things myself, even 
though I was in there for having major lows.

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