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RE: [IP] 508 batteries

The occasionally go on sale.  Right now they are $0.98/each at the place I
got them.  They come in strips of 5, but they send the specific number you
order. (this link is also on the www.insulin-pumpers.org site under links
near the bottom:


Here are a few other places I found while doing a search on the internet,  I
am sure that there are more that I don't know about:

This place you can get 100 for $55.  But you have to order in 100
increments.  Keep in mind that for the 508s at least you use 3 at a time and
batteries will loose life over time.  For someone who mentioned they go
through 12 in a year, they probably wouldn't get their money back from the
deal.  However, I suppose if people decided to split the cost...(I have used
Sony, Maxell, and Panasonic versions of the batteries without any problems).
I have not ordered through here.

I have in the past also ordered from ZBattery.com.  Currently their prices
is $1.26/ea.

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"I then started ordering them through an
online wholesaler and can get them for $0.89 each.  I get 6-8 weeks out
those too."

What online wholesaler did you get those batteries from?
Gail Bell

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