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RE: [IP] Re: Paradigm and water

< . . is there a possibility of confusion about *where* one will be
swimming - specifically salt water versus a pool?  Or whether there's the
possibility of getting roughed up by sand or rough water?>

I was pretty clear about where I intended to go, and the MM rep didn't seem
to have a concern about it.  As far as the dissolved chemicals in pool water
versus ocean water goes, I would advance the idea that they are equally
obnoxious to sensitive electronic devices.  Both are loaded with strong
oxidizers (sodium chloride or sodium hypochlorite), so I expect encroachment
from either source would be fatal to your pump.  Getting slammed into the
bottom when Mother Ocean reminds you who is the boss is an entirely
different story.  There I think you have a greater risk of damaging the
unit, allowing water to enter the pump.  I will wear it on a chest strap to
minimize the risk.  I think every part of my body has been slammed and
ground into the sand, but the chest is pretty easy to protect.  ;-)

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