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RE: [IP] Re: another paradigm question

	<It says it is watertight with an asterisk.  The asterisk
> explains up to 8' deep for 30 minutes.  This didn't convince me it
> was waterproof for swimming in pools, lakes, etc. so I called
> Mini-Med and the customer service person said it is not waterproof.
> She said it was okay for showering and splashing around in, but not
> okay to be fully submerged in water for swimming without the hard
> plastic guard like you need for the other Mini-Med pumps.>
	That's interesting.  When I first inquired about the paradigm, I
told the representative that I would in fact be swimming in pools (6' max),
surfing in the ocean, etc. and was told that it would be fine for that
application.  That is one of the main reasons I went with the 508-Paradigm
upgrade program.  Being an engineer, I realize that waterproof doesn't mean
waterproof, only that there is no, or acceptable, encroachment at a certain
pressure (depth) over a specified period of time.  My dive watch, for
example, is waterproof to 240 feet for 30 minutes (parameters the casual
diver will never exceed).  So, it seems we have conflicting information
(that never happens)... ;-)

	Could someone from MM comment on this?

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