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Re: [IP] another paradigm question - some answers

>anyone who has a paradigm, just a few more questions that i have.
>first, does the paradigm have a belt clip like the 508? i read on the mm
>website that it does, but i haven't seen any purchase info on it.  and do
>the other cases fit, or are there new cases for the paradigm?
>second, i had heard that for the people who use over the 176 units in a
>three day period, you can refill the reservoir without changing the tubing
>and site. is this true, or do you have to change everything when the
>reservoir runs out?
>and finally, i know it's waterproof, and has a menu driven screen (i've
>played with the virtual paradigm on the mm site), but is it truly a "better"
>pump than the 508? i've read where everone likes the new menu on the
>paradigm, but when i played with the virtual one, it seemed to me to just be
>different, and not neccessarily better or worse.
>thanks for your input! i know there are still many of us who are undecided
>about upgrading.


I am not a MiniMed user at the moment and I do not have a paradigm right now
- I am sort of in the process of getting a pump - but I looked at both

1. It has a different belt clip, which is attached to the case - the pump
does come with a standard 'open' plastic case where you just slide it in. I
thought that it was very nice because you can rotate the clipping part about
900 in several increments. I liked that a lot.
2. Sorry, don't know about this one, but I couldn't think of any reason why
not. Just keep in mind the discussion we had over the last couple of days on
what to be aware of if you change one thing (tubing) and not the other
(reservoir) or the other way around.
3. Uff, that's a tough one. It depends on your perception of what kind of
features you are looking for in a pump. If you are annoyed by the 'clicking'
and the 'confusing' menus of the 508 then I would say, yep it's a better
pump. If you don't care about those features then I would say no, it's not a
better pump. Some things are just arranged a little bit differently.
Reservoir goes into a slot and it has a piston, AAA batteries, ....
Do those features make the Paradigm 'better', in general I would say no -
that's why MiniMed is giving you a choice when you buy a pump right now -
either 508 or 511 (Paradigm). Does it make the pump superior to what's out
the market - hmm, highly unlikely, because it is not much different from the
competition and ALL pumps are very good. Different people chose different
pumps for a variety of reasons.
I am not too sure about the upgrade process but I think there are a lot of
rumors out there. I would relax and just take a look at the Paradigm. If you
have been pumping for a while you would know for yourself what annoys you
about the 508 (if anything). When you then actually see the Paradigm you
will know if you'll like it or not or if it has some features that you've
been desperately waiting for. (Trust your diabetic gut feeling - if there is
such a thing).

Good luck,

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