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Re: [IP] Re: another paradigm question

> I was looking into the Paradigm for Noah (who now uses a Mini-Med
> 507C).  We are very pleased with the 507, but the waterproof feature
> appealed to us.  I checked out MiniMed's website and the Paradigm's
> features.  It says it is watertight with an asterisk.  The asterisk
> explains up to 8' deep for 30 minutes.  This didn't convince me it
> was waterproof for swimming in pools, lakes, etc. so I called
> Mini-Med and the customer service person said it is not waterproof.
> She said it was okay for showering and splashing around in, but not
> okay to be fully submerged in water for swimming without the hard
> plastic guard like you need for the other Mini-Med pumps.

This REALLY sounds to me like the customer service rep confused the Paradigm
with the 507/507C or 508. Those are exactly the words they use to describe
the "water resistance" of those older pumps. I think you should ask the
question again before making a decision based upon that answer.

In terms of "8' deep for 30 minutes" not convincing you that it is suitable
for swimming - Noah must be a much better swimmer with much bigger lungs
than I have. I am never more than several feet deep for more than 20-30
seconds at a time. <VBG>  I've always interpreted that specification to mean
I could do anything in the water I might want to short of SCUBA diving. I
certainly don't interpret it to mean a particular time limit at the depths
that I swim at.

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