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Re:[IP] Problems with Quikset

Subject: [IP] Problems with Quikset

"Yvonne Nicolas" <email @ redacted> writes-

Tonight Eileens quikset was torn off, the tape started to unstick and the
plastic just came off the cloth part of the  tape, if you know what I mean.
She also had some blood on it. We have had some problems with the adhesive
on the tape not sticking, but not the whole plastic thing becoming detached
from the tape. Luckily, she became aware of this on time, and when I changed
her set and took her bg it was only 174. It was on her butt and it was a new
set put in yesterday. This sucks, we really love these sets!
by the way, last hbalc was 6.3 yay!!!!

I'm new at pumping.  It was recommended to me to use the IV-Prep skin 
preparation/adhesive enhancing packets.  At set change time it takes a lot 
of applied alcohol to get the adhesive and consequently the old infusion to 
release.  I'd rather have that problem than one where nonsticking is the 

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