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Re: [IP] another paradigm question

In a message dated 3/10/2002 3:33:49 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> anyone who has a paradigm, just a few more questions that i have.
> first, does the paradigm have a belt clip like the 508? i read on the mm
> website that it does, but i haven't seen any purchase info on it.  and do
> the other cases fit, or are there new cases for the paradigm?
> second, i had heard that for the people who use over the 176 units in a
> three day period, you can refill the reservoir without changing the tubing
> and site. is this true, or do you have to change everything when the
> reservoir runs out?
> and finally, i know it's waterproof, and has a menu driven screen (i've
> played with the virtual paradigm on the mm site), but is it truly a "better"
> pump than the 508? i've read where everone likes the new menu on the
> paradigm, but when i played with the virtual one, it seemed to me to just be
> different, and not neccessarily better or worse.

To refill the Paradigm resevoir you need the device on the end of the 
resevoir that snaps on to the top of the insulin vial.  Each resevoir is 
fitted with this device which creates a seal between the resevoir and the 
insulin vial.  I don't know if that device is resusable with new tubing; it 
does not appear to be resusable like the needle that attached to the 508 
resevoir and then was used in the insulin vial.  I may be wrong, but it 
appears to be one time use only, so you need a new resevoir each time.

The menu driven screen is much easier for me; I am not a techno person and 
with the 508 I was constantly confused on what to push as I scrolled through 
the screens.  The Paradigm has an escape button which I NEED because if I 
make an error, I want to get right out of that screen.  On the 508, I 
accidentally lowered basals by pushing ACT when I wanted to escape the menu.

The clips are sold if you call the on-line store; they are simply not on the 
website yet.  They send you a booklet of accessories and a hard clip and soft 
leather pouch (nice because you can see the screen without opening the case 
and you can push the buttons right through the plastic.  This is the case I 
prefer for Gabe).

I like the Paradigm because it states that there is a 3 unit occulsion alarm. 
 Each meal is at least 3 units of insulin, so if there is an occulsion at a 
meal, I will know right away.  Gabe's basal's run around .7 per hour, so in 
4-5 hours I would know if there was a big problem; we probably would have 
checked before then, but sometimes at night I get lazy and sleep four hours 
or more consecutively.  Not often.  But sometimes.

That's about it; I wouldn't trade the Paradigm for the 508 which has a 7.2 
unit occulsion threshold and confusing menu.  Also, the way that resevoirs 
are filled with the 508 is far less convenient than with the Paradigm where 
you know you have a tight seal between the vial of insulin and the resevoir.


(and Gabe who would not go back to the 508 for anything).
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