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[IP] Re: another paradigm question


I was looking into the Paradigm for Noah (who now uses a Mini-Med 
507C).  We are very pleased with the 507, but the waterproof feature 
appealed to us.  I checked out MiniMed's website and the Paradigm's 
features.  It says it is watertight with an asterisk.  The asterisk 
explains up to 8' deep for 30 minutes.  This didn't convince me it 
was waterproof for swimming in pools, lakes, etc. so I called 
Mini-Med and the customer service person said it is not waterproof. 
She said it was okay for showering and splashing around in, but not 
okay to be fully submerged in water for swimming without the hard 
plastic guard like you need for the other Mini-Med pumps.  So, we are 
sticking to the 507.  Plus, with Noah still going through puberty, 
his insulin needs may increase such that 176 units wouldn't last him 
the usual 3-4 days we not get between site changes.

I just wanted to make people aware of what I found out in case that 
is the primary reason you're considering switching to the Paradigm.

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o pumping Noah (dx age 9), and 11 y/o Micah, wife 
to Steve
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