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[IP] I'd like to be outraged for a moment

If and when I go to the hospital for any reason, I always carry my own meter 
and have my meds with me - just in case.....

I have been sent to ER with an extreme low, the paramedics treated me with 
glucose in the vein thru IV and I came to, and once I got to the ER, the 
nurse was trying to draw blood and I could feel a low coming back on so I 
insisted that she check by meter, she refused, so I got out my own meter and 
checked myself.  I was at 45........she finally brought me 4 ounces of juice 
and I had my husband go to the cafeteria and get me 8 more ounces of juice 
and some graham crackers.....

I don't know what it takes these people to understand diabetes.  If we are 
low and need something to eat we need it NOW not in 5 or 10 minutes, because 
I know when I am low and don't get something immediately, it can get ugly!!!  
The lower I am the faster it drops!!

I guess just be prepared at all times and have everything you need with you..

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