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[IP] Outrage Thread

Many of the responses have suggested what you can do to help a specific 
patient ( mother, friend).  If you still want to do more, contact the Joint 
Commision Accrediting Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO.org).  In most states, 
this is the organization that gives the OK for Healthcare Facilities to 
operate and RECEIVE medicare /  medicaid funds.  Without JCAHO accreditation, 
most facilities would have serious problems.  JCAHO surveys sites every three 
years but keeps an open file on reported problems.  Certain problems are 
called Sentinal Events which could trigger an immediate survey.( which very 
few hospitals would be comfortable receiving).  Send a letter ( or email) 
describing in detail what happened (times, unit, names etc.) and copy your 
state Hospital Assocation and your state department of Health (Here in NJ it 
is NJHA and NJ Department of Health and Senior Services & both have web sites 
- your names might vary) - provide a contact name, address & telephone number 
on all this information so they can get back to you for further details.  
Having been on both ends of  a report such as what you describe, I was very 
pleased at how my incident was addressed. (Same day surgery - full 
anesthetic- pumping glucose in with no insulin- I'm not 'recovering'  well, 
communicate the problem to the recovery room, and was told - "we close at 
six, contact your Dr when you get home." - That situation doesn't occur in 
that facility any more,)
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